Lin Haring


Phoenix, AZ


“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”. Confucius

Welcome to my website! At present, none of these images are available for purchase; These galleries exist only for your pleasure. Please contact me, either here, or at: with any questions. But please do enjoy the images! Thanks1

I've been shooting photos my whole life.
Few years ago, I figured I'd better get a camera.
Now, we work as a team.
It's still about discovery. I'm happy about that.
I like to photograph things as I happen upon them. Same goes for people. I don't "stage" life to fit the camera, I use my camera to record the art already there.

I'm drawn, although not exclusively, to earth tones, and also (apparently) images of isolation, be it either through a minimalist exploration of an object, or the observation of people, and much of my work includes social commentary. While visual appeal is always my goal, it's my hope that my images also "say" something, or stir in the viewer memories, thoughts, ideas beyond the specific two dimensional image. Life is a combination of drama and comedy, dark and light, and I am equally comfortable with both sides of the coin.

Although I do do "straight" photography, I also occasionally challenge the boundaries of photo editing with software, thus creating an image which better conveys my intent. At times, this is done with an application of texture, or an overlay, and occasionally some digital painting.

I live in the desert, and dream of places NOTdesert; some known, others unknown. "...miles to go, before I sleep..."

The big ole white "fine art America" watermark that's stamped in the lower right hand corner of some of the images does not appear on sold work. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have ANY special requests regarding sizing, cropping or color changes, and I'll be happy to work with you to co-create the image you want. Any other questions or comments? Email me either here, or at

Presently, the default site view is "Artwork". Galleries may be viewed by clicking the "galleries" tab at the top of the page. Not all images are in galleries.

Thanks for looking at my images, and ESPECIALLY any comments you care to leave: Encouragement is always appreciated, and anything which can help me grow as an artist, valued; as the poet Bob Dylan observed, "he not busy being born is busy dyin'".


Art Prints


Thirst by Lin Haring


Shuffle Step by Lin Haring


L'oeuf Marron by Lin Haring


Gramps by Lin Haring


Paintbrush On Denim by Lin Haring


Cultural District by Lin Haring


Chagrined by Lin Haring


Safe Space by Lin Haring


Pie Town Warmth In Sepia by Lin Haring


Oak Creek Canyon Arizona by Lin Haring


Candles Of Industry by Lin Haring


Side Door by Lin Haring


Road Trip by Lin Haring


Vinca Persuasion by Lin Haring


Anyway by Lin Haring


That One Night by Lin Haring


Autumn on Forest Edge by Lin Haring


One Pooped Pup by Lin Haring


Begin Anew by Lin Haring


Product by Lin Haring


The Commander by Lin Haring


Sedona Arizona by Lin Haring


Church of the Nativity by Lin Haring


Psychedelic Psalad by Lin Haring


Rock Of Ages by Lin Haring


Stormy Weather by Lin Haring


The Old Swimmin' Hole by Lin Haring


Invisible Squirrel by Lin Haring


Simply Southwest by Lin Haring


No Batteries Required by Lin Haring


Time Passes by Lin Haring


Just Keep Pedaling by Lin Haring


Prarie Boxcars by Lin Haring


Sunset Under the Storm by Lin Haring


Milkshake by Lin Haring


Atlas Hugged by Lin Haring


Sunset In Phoenix Arizona by Lin Haring


Hero For Life by Lin Haring


Window And Wall by Lin Haring


Black Friday by Lin Haring


Tree Nymphs At Play by Lin Haring


City Through The Bridge by Lin Haring


Step by Lin Haring


Reluctant Model by Lin Haring


Skull Valley General Store by Lin Haring


Surrender by Lin Haring


Under The Bridge by Lin Haring


Urban Eye by Lin Haring